Our People

USMA was founded in 2000 to answer the need for market representation for a major telecommunications company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since then, USMA has grown to serve clients in finance, advertising, information technology and office products, and continues to be a key player in the market deployment of new technologies for the biggest players in the telecommunications business. Since its inception, USMA has launched campaigns in most major markets on the West Coast, including San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego and the Los Angeles basin, including Orange County and the Inland Empire.

USMA’s cutting-edge approach to marketing relies on a face-to-face approach to public relations. Whether it is customer service or sales and marketing, USMA’s unique brand of representation gives a personal touch to a direct link between a client and their customers.

The best part of USMA’s campaign operations is that there is no risk to the client. All costs for human resources and infrastructure are eliminated through outsourcing. The biggest and best of the Fortune 500 rely on us to decrease their capital expenditures while increasing their profitability and overall market share.